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Liver Meridian & Anger: 3 Yin Poses To Be A Happier You

According to the Daoist view, our organs possess different prenatal virtues, qualities that are endowed to our human form from the divine. As we come into the world, we begin to accumulate emotions that would conflict with our prenatal state.

The prenatal virtues of the Liver are love, compassion, benevolence, patience, and unselfishness. After birth, the acquired Liver emotions are frustration, irritability, stubbornness, anger, blame, rage, resentment, rudeness, impatience, jealousy, and depression.


Spleen Meridian: Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

The Spleen meridian represents the Earth element. Its prenatal virtues include faith, honesty, openness, acceptance, and truthfulness. Interestingly, according to the Daoist view, our intention and ideas (known as Yi) are stored in the spleen. The postnatal emotions associated with the Spleen include worrying, remorse, regret, obsessiveness, self-doubt, self-centeredness, and suspicion.

Heart Meridian: 4 Yin Poses To Be More Forgiving Now

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart is considered the most chief of the internal organs of the body. It controls blood circulation and governs all of the viscera and bowels. The Heart is corresponded to the Fire element and it is sometimes known as the “Red Emperor.” It is energetically paired with the Small Intestine, which is in charge of filtering the pure and clean energy from the impure Qi.

Lung meridian: How Yin Yoga Can Help Overcome Your Sadness

Have you ever felt like crying for no reasons at all? It's as if the world is painted in different shades of grey and nothing is worthy of a glint of happiness. Well, in Western medicine, they would label it as depression and you would go home with a bunch of antidepressant pills. Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, sadness and grief are associated with the Lung meridian. The good news is there are ways to remove sadness without the pills. Read on and see how yin yoga can stop your uncontrollable crying episodes.

Kidney Meridian: 4 Yin Poses To tame your fear

The agent of the water element, the Kidneys represent the prenatal virtues of rationality, clear perception, self-understanding, self-confidence, and wisdom. After birth, the Kidneys store the acquired emotions of fear, paranoia, terror, panic, horror, loneliness, and insecurity. Eliminating excess fear allows the congenital virtue of wisdom to prosper.


21 Day Yin Yoga To Connect WithiN

You're invited to 21 days of Soulful Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, yoga nidra and meditation to help you deepen the understanding of yourself and connect back to your truest self.