We help passionate yoga teachers & students master the emotional side of yin yoga & Chinese meridians.

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  • 90% of people are drawn to yin yoga for its relaxing effect on the mind.
  • 85% of yin yoga teacher trainings focus solely on the anatomical aspect of yin yoga and almost next to nothing on the emotional side of it.
  • The remaining 15% of teacher trainings focus on dogmatic approaches such as Hinduism, Daoism & Buddhism.

Would it be possible that there is...?

  • A comprehensive teacher training program that shows you all of the different maps including Chinese meridians, Yoga philosophy, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism & Science without enforcing they're the fundamental truth.
  • A program that educates you not only on the academic side of yin yoga but also encourages you to develop your personal teaching philosophy which propels you to make real changes in the world.
  • An easier way to understand the ins & outs of yin yoga without feeling you're going to medical school.
  • A heart to heart approach to yin yoga that connects to the human heart instead of the logical brain (only).

The answer is yes.

Introducing to you...



Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training is an interactive video-based yoga teacher training that focuses on the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. It fully prepares you from the physical foundation of yin yoga all the way to creating powerful yin yoga sequences that promote emotional growth in your future students.

Whether you're an aspiring yin yoga teacher or passionate practitioner, this training is designed to help you understand the energetic benefits of yin yoga & meridians and teaches you how to create yin yoga sequences that serve both your physical and emotional needs.



Free 3 Day Soulful Yin Yoga Starter Course

Starter course students are eligible for $1000 off regular tuition upon enrollment.

Here's you'll learn👇🏽 :

  • Day 1: How meridians work in yin yoga & the meridians tapping sequence to stimulate Qi flow.
  • Day 2: Use these yin yoga poses to balance your 5 main negative emotions.
  • Day 3: Top 10acupressure points to release physical and emotional pains.


If you want to learn about yin yoga beyond its physical aspects, integrate the energetic benefits of Chinese meridians in your classes, create a self-healing journey through yin yoga, Soulful Yin Yoga Method is for you. Our ideal students fall into one of these categories:



"This is my 10th+ teacher training and honestly it's been incredible. Annie is a wealth of knowledge and I love all of her story telling and humor and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course."

- Tara (Australia)


"I went from a Yang only person to knowing how to find the balance between Yin & Yang, and knowing when to call myself out when I'm losing the balance. The program was well organized and insightful, it's so well designed that I felt connected despite the fact that the training was held online."

- Vicky (Hong Kong)


"I’m not exaggerating when I say how transformative and life changing this journey has been. I am definitely now much more confident and  passionate to teach yoga (which wasn’t the case for me before), and to integrate into my professional practice."

- Rasha (Kuwait)


"This was my first yoga training ever and I was certainly nervous. Annie has an incredible gift to be able to convey deeply layered concepts, theories and idealogies in a relaxed conversational way."

- Alicia (Australia)


"Having more knowledge around the Chinese elements has also meant that in my practice I’ve really been able to incorporate postures to help create shifts on an emotional level, which is what I needed right now."

- Fiona (UK)


"Yin Yoga brings me back to balance in my inner environment, my breath & center. In the observation of my physical blockages, I can release my crystallized emotions and observe internally the Way which brings me back to my unity."

- Coralie (Switzerland)


You can read from many graduates their positive experiences having completed Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


Meet Annie

Your training instructor | E-RYT 500, YACEP

With over 10 years of experience leading yoga teacher trainings, Annie is the creator of Soulful Yin Yoga Method, the only yin yoga teacher training that specializes in the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians.

Struggled with anxiety in her early 20's, Annie's desire to heal and increase her baseline of happiness sets her on the path of yoga and spirituality. Over the last decade, she became an expert in the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. Annie calls for a heart to heart approach in her yin yoga classes through storytelling and genuine self-reflections.

Annie's mission is to help de-stress the world through yin yoga.

She currently lives in Sri Lanka and offers her fully accredited courses online.


"The course is filled with amazing information and the way it is structured is absolutely perfect. The course was very interactive and I completely forgot it was online!"

- Sara (Scotland)

"I was slightly apprehensive of an online training as it worried me I wouldn’t feel the full experience that is so special about yoga trainings. But this course was so well executed & offered with plenty of information at our fingertips."

- Zoe (UK)

"The classes are accessible to all no matter what part of the world you live. By the time the course ended, all those short segments seamlessly came together to form class templates.  Brilliant! 

-Jennifer (Australia)

First, I've never seen a teacher like Annie. While practicing with her, I feel like I'm really connecting to my emotions and my soul. Each class is an opportunity to learn about yourself. 

In the teacher training, you learn a lot more about meridians, emotions and energies. Annie pushes you to sequence your class to go much deeper than just the physical level. By showing us that every word, every movement, every song we chose is powerful, she allows us to find meaning in our practice. 

I hope that from now on, I'll be able to help my students connect with their emotions with yin yoga. 

Thanks Annie, I can not recommand your training enough. 


"Annie's Soulful Yin Yoga Programs are so well put together and thought out -- it is clear that as a teacher, she has taken time in her seat to devote herself to this practice. I truly enjoyed the format with video lectures, manuals and a yin yoga practice for a well rounded course. The platform was very user friendly and Annie was so helpful to answer my questions in getting me started. Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to more of your offerings! "

- Marilyn (USA

"One of the best teacher trainings I have done. Annie is so insightful and her analogies and metaphors make for fun and interesting learning. The course is structured in a really beautiful way that makes sense and you can tell Annie has put her heart and soul into the content. I can not recommend this course highly enough." 

- Gemma (UK)

"It was amazing to study with students from all over the world. Annie has a way of making "complicated" subjects easy to understand. I was very impressed with the manuals, videos, and the personal touch in Annie's training, even with the training being online! 

-Shyloh (USA)

Annie made learning fun, her personality made it easy to listen attentively and learn deeply. The content was very clear and well planned. As someone who has an Ashtanga training my ideas of my practise can be very strict and regimented, Annie helped to open my mind and become curious about other ideas and possibilities. Not only did this course completely change and expand my practise and teaching method but it has helped me grow as a person and that to me is the greatest gift.

— Lucy-Marie (Germany)


"The training is very dense, a lot of new information but Annie is an amazing storyteller and her love about what she do make the thousand of words merge into an amazing story. I would choose this training another hundred times, is such a deep journey into a personal growth."

- Roberta (UK)

"The online training did not prevent me from connecting with Annie or the other students, I really enjoyed being able to complete the training in the comfort of my own home. I cannot recommend this training enough!  It was worth every penny.  Annie is an amazing, and inspirational person, full of wisdom and humour.  By far the best yoga teacher training I’ve ever done!."

- Lauren (Abu Dhabi)

"This was my first virtual training, and I just LOVED IT. Annie has a real talent to break down a complex topic in digestible pieces. I kept so much in my mind, that is because of HOW she teaches! Most importantly for me is Annie's messages came from herHEART! That made it so authentic and truthful to me! "

- Anja (Germany)