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50-Hr Certificate Program

Next training will be in Nov 24-26 & Dec 01-03 2023

A comprehensive yin teacher training program designed specifically to deepen awareness for trauma sensitivity & emotional healing.


For Yoga Teachers

Becoming trauma-informed


Cutting Edge Neuroscience

Meets ancient wisdom


Skills-Based Learning

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Together we're healing the world, one soul at a time.

Be a light in other's healing journey and create a more loving & compassionate world.

Unlock profound healing and embrace tranquility through my exclusive Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, meticulously designed to prioritize trauma sensitivity and emotional healing. With over a decade of experience in the field, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey unlike any other.

Delve deep into the art of Yin Yoga as we explore the intricate relationship between trauma, emotions, and Chinese Meridians Theory. With compassionate guidance, you'll gain invaluable insights into the profound potential of Yin Yoga as a catalyst for emotional release and profound transformation.

Throughout this comprehensive training, we'll delve into the nuances of trauma-informed teaching, empowering you to create a safe and nurturing space for your students. By incorporating therapeutic techniques, ancient Chinese & yogic practices, and yin yoga poses, you'll facilitate healing on a profound level.

Immerse yourself in interactive lectures, engaging discussions, and practical teaching exercises, honing your ability to effectively support individuals on their unique healing paths. Develop essential skills such as intelligent sequencing, compassionate communication, observation, attunement, and cultivating self-awareness to foster understanding and growth.

Take the leap and join me in becoming an impactful yin yoga teacher for emotional healing and trauma-sensitive practices. Together, we will unlock the potential for profound healing and inner peace.

"Soulful Yin Yoga brought to me another perspective of yin yoga by focusing on emotional healing. Each practice has been a process of self-discovery & empowerment. The study about trauma was really interesting. The activities that we did in the training were amazing. I'm feeling more confident to share and teach now."

— Gabriela Spilari Santos

An Integrative Approach

Course Overview

Soulful Yin Yoga is a 50-hour Yoga Alliance certificate training that includes 35-hours of live training over two weekends (Friday to Sunday), 10-hours of pre-recorded lectures and practices, and 5-hours of written assignments, readings & a practicum presentation.

Module 1: Yin Yoga Foundation

This module lays a solid foundation for your understanding of Yin Yoga and its profound impact on the body-mind connection. You will explore the fundamental principles and philosophy of Yin Yoga, learning how to cultivate stillness, mindfulness, and surrender in your practice.

An in-depth exploration of anatomy as it relates to Yin Yoga. You will dive deep into the structural and energetic aspects of the body, gaining insights into the specific target areas and meridians affected by Yin Yoga poses. This understanding will empower you to guide students based on a functional approach.

Through practical applications, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the key Yin Yoga poses and their anatomical benefits. We will also explore variations, modifications, and prop usage to accommodate individual needs and limitations.

Module 2: Trauma + Emotional Connections

We will explore the intricate network of Chinese meridians and their profound connection to emotional well-being. You will develop a deep understanding of how these energy pathways intersect with trauma and emotions.

You will learn how to identify and release blockages within the meridians, allowing the body's natural energy flow to restore balance and promote emotional healing.

Upon completion of this module, you will possess a deep knowledge of Chinese meridians, trauma sensitivity, and emotional healing. You will be ready to integrate these powerful practices into your teaching or therapeutic work, empowering individuals to embark on their own path to profound emotional well-being.

Module 3: Sequencing For Healing

In this module, we will delve into the art of crafting purposeful and impactful Yin Yoga sequences that specifically target emotional well-being. You will learn how to weave together poses, breathwork, and meditation techniques to create a nurturing and supportive environment for emotional release and healing.

Based on the proven Soulful Yin Yoga Sequencing Method, you will gain a deep understanding of the energetic and emotional aspects of Yin Yoga. We will explore how specific poses can stimulate and balance the meridians and energy centers related to emotions, promoting a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

Guided by trauma sensitivity principles, you will learn to create safe and inclusive spaces for students to explore their emotional landscape with compassion and support. We will cover effective communication techniques and provide tools for holding space and guiding individuals through their emotional journey.

Module 4: Yoga Nidra

In this module, we will dive deep into the principles and techniques of Yoga Nidra. You will learn how to induce a state of deep relaxation by systematically guiding the body and mind into a state of conscious sleep. Through guided visualizations, breath awareness, and body scanning, you will experience profound relaxation and restoration.

Through experiential exercises, immersive meditations, and insightful discussions, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga Nidra. We will explore its ability to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being.

You will learn how to create and deliver customized Yoga Nidra scripts tailored to individual needs and intentions. We will explore variations, adaptability, and the integration of affirmations and sankalpas (positive intentions) to deepen the transformative effects of the practice.


Soulful Yin Yoga Starter Course

Curious about Soulful Yin Yoga? Join this 3-Day free starter course where we delve into the deep connection between Yin Yoga and emotional healing. You'll learn about the principles of Yin Yoga, explore trauma sensitivity, and understand how this gentle practice can support emotional healing

"I adored the sequencing and learning how everything comes together. I honestly cannot wait to start seeing the changes in my classes and how they will impact my students. Yin Yoga is so much more than just poses and this training shows that!"

— Laura Murphy

Tuition Fee

Trauma informed yin yoga teacher training Annie Au

Single Payment

$850 USD

One payment

  • Save $400! When sign up before Oct 31.
  • Bonus course #1: Acupressure For Emotional Healing Course (Value $200)
  • Bonus course #2: The 5 Elements, Emotions and Food Therapy (Value $200)
  • Immediate & lifetime access to pre-recorded lectures and practices
  • Downloadable content
  • Access to private community

Non-refundable deposit

$200 USD


  • Save $400! When sign up before Oct 31.
  • Bonus course #1: Acupressure For Emotional Healing Course (Value $200)
  • Bonus course #2: The 5 Elements, Emotions and Food Therapy (Value $200)
  • Immediate & lifetime access to pre-recorded lectures and practices
  • Downloadable content
  • Access to private community

Designed for Yoga Teachers And Passionate Learners

This Soulful Yin Yoga Live Online Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance accredited holistic professional training system designed for individuals who would like to become a trauma-informed yin yoga teacher, offering safe and healing experiences for their students. This course also welcomes passionate learners who would like to join the course for self-knowledge.

Let's learn about the healing power of yin yoga.

Graduate Reviews

"Soulful Yin Yoga positively impacted my practice & teachings by offerings a new way to evaluate the human condition within myself and others, and offer suggestions and guidance for reversing imbalances and homeostasis!"

- Flame (USA)

"This training has really helped me in understanding the emotional healing power of yin yoga and that the body has an innate ability to heal itself."

- Rinah (Canada)

"I learned so much primarily about Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridians. I feel confident stepping into teaching. The training allows me to feel grounded and harmonized within myself."

- Gaby (USA)

What You'll Learn

  • Yin Yoga foundations: Explore the principles, philosophy, and practice of Yin Yoga, including its unique approach to holding poses for extended periods to target deep connective tissues and energy meridians.
  • Chinese meridians: Dive into the ancient wisdom of Chinese meridians, learning about their energetic pathways and their profound influence on emotions, healing, and overall well-being.
  • Sequencing for emotional healing: Learn how to create purposeful Yin Yoga sequences that integrate Chinese meridians, trauma sensitivity, and emotional healing techniques to facilitate profound transformation and restoration.
  • Effective teaching and communication: Develop essential skills in trauma-informed teaching methodologies, compassionate communication, and holding space for emotional exploration, allowing you to guide students through their healing journey with sensitivity and empathy.
  • Trauma sensitivity: Develop a deep understanding of trauma and how it impacts individuals, gaining the tools and knowledge to create safe and supportive spaces for healing within your yoga classes.
  • Emotional healing techniques: Discover specific Yin Yoga poses, breathwork, and meditative practices that stimulate and balance meridians associated with emotional states, promoting deep emotional healing and release.
  • Anatomy and energetics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the physical and energetic aspects of the body, exploring how Yin Yoga poses and meridian stimulation impact the body-mind connection.

Training Logistics

Live Classes Via Zoom

Dates: Nov 24-26 & Dec 01-03, 2023

Students will receive lifetime access to all course materials.

Self-Paced Modules

There are 10 hours of self-study modules released to you immediately when you sign up. Each module contains video lessons, guided practices, and downloadable content.

Homework & Reading

Homework is assigned to enhance your learning experience. Homework submissions are required to receive your Certificate of Completion. There are also articles you are required to read during the training.


In order to obtain your Yoga Alliance accredited certification, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Attend every live class or watch the recording
  • Submit passcode for each live class via homework submission
  • Receives 80% or higher on the quiz
  • Submit written assignment + teaching video
  • All submissions are due within 5 months post live training hours
  • You will have lifetime access to all of the recordings and pre-recorded videos.

How to Register

Click here to sign up now — You can choose to pay the full payment or a non-refundable deposit. Once you make your payment and register, you will receive a welcome email with access to your materials for the certificate program.

Training Tuition & Refund Policy

The full investment for the training is $850 USD. You can pay the full amount now or a non-refundable deposit of $200 USD. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to training. You can request for a refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) up to 24hrs prior to the start of the course. No refunds will be issued once the training begins.

Meet Annie.

With over 10 years of experience in certifying yoga teachers, Annie is the visionary behind Soulful Yin Yoga, an exclusive Yin Yoga teacher training program that places a particular emphasis on the emotional aspects of Yin Yoga and Chinese meridians. More than a decade ago, Annie embarked on a profound spiritual journey driven by her personal struggle with anxiety. Exhausted by a life consumed by fear and despair, she sought ways to reclaim her happiness. Over the years, Annie has traversed the globe, leading yoga teacher trainings while exploring her own spiritual path.

Through her studies in Taoism and Chinese meridians, Annie has recognized the inherent link between our physical bodies and our emotions. Understanding that our emotional well-being is intricately connected to our physical health, she was inspired to develop a comprehensive course that enables others to forge a deep connection with their emotions and cultivate balance in their lives. Drawing from her extensive expertise and years of accumulated knowledge, Annie has crafted the Soulful Yin Yoga Method. This transformative method empowers individuals to become masters of their own emotions, fostering a harmonious alignment with their authentic selves.

Annie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Additionally, she has received training in Trauma + Somatics, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), 2000+ hours of Yoga Alliance accredited training programs, and possesses a specialization in yoga anatomy. Annie's teaching approach is approachable and accessible, allowing students to gain a profound understanding of their bodies and practice yoga with greater intelligence.

Currently, she is part of the faculty at All Yoga Training and Aligned Yoga.


Soulful Yin Yoga Starter Course

Curious about Soulful Yin Yoga? Join this 3-Day free starter course where we delve into the deep connection between Yin Yoga and emotional healing. You'll learn about the principles of Yin Yoga, explore trauma sensitivity, and understand how this gentle practice can support emotional healing


What is the prerequisite for joining this training?

This training is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the healing power of yin yoga through a trauma sensitive lens. You do not have to be a yoga teacher prior to joining. Nevertheless, you must have practiced yin yoga before prior to joining this course.

Is the training virtual or in-person?

This training is currently 100% virtual. There will be 6 live classes hosted through (Two weekends Nov 24-26 & Dec 01-02 from Noon-6pm IST and Dec 03 from Noon to 5PM IST) and 10 hours of pre-recorded learning material. You will also be given additional integration options, including homework, personal journaling, and reading/video resources.

What are the dates of the training?

Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training is a live Zoom program that runs over two weekends from Nov 24-Dec 03, 2023. To receive your certificate, you will have 5 months post live training hours to complete watching the live recordings, pre-recorded video lessons, homework, and practicum submission. You have lifetime access to all of the live recordings and pre-recorded materials.

When are the live training hours

The live training hours are Noon to 6pm Indian Standard Time (IST) on Nov 24, 25, 26, Dec 01, 02 2023. On Dec 03, the training will run from Noon to 5PM IST. Click here to convert to your local time. All live classes are recorded and students will retain lifetime access to all course materials.

Do I have to join the training live?

Live attendance of the interactive classes is highly recommended for you to fully benefit from the course.

I have unintegrated trauma, will this training help me?

Soulful Yin Yoga is a professional teacher training, and, as such, is not focused on personal healing. If you are interested in working with a trauma-trained professional, I recommend visiting a trauma-centred therapist in your local area.

Is this training Yoga Alliance accredited?

Yes, in order to obtain our Yoga Alliance accredited Continuing Education certification, you must attend all of the live training hours or watch the recordings, complete all pre-recorded videos, quiz, submit homework assignments, and teaching practicum.

What is the refund policy?

A full refund minus the non-refundable deposit of $200 will be issued up to 24hrs prior to the training begins. No refund will be offered after that time for any reason.

I still have questions, how do I get in touch?

You can directly email me at Your inquiry will be responded within 24-48 hours.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Receive your digital printable Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by completing all of the lessons in the training within 3 months of program dates.

Trauma informed yin yoga teacher training Annie Au

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to the recordings, pre-recorded video lessons, and printable manual. This will become a source of your references and study long after the training has completed.

Graduate Reviews

"Annie’s soulful yin training integrates many aspects to provide you with all the necessary tools to start teaching classes that not only include intelligent sequencing, but also connect with your students on a deeper emotional level. The training has been fundamental to my teaching approach, and I have applied the key learnings not only to my yin classes but also across my vinyasa and prenatal offerings."

- Katey (South Africa)

"Annie has an incredible gift to be able to convey deeply layered concepts, theories and ideologies in a relaxed conversational way. Despite being online the training was delivered in a nourishing environment and covered a range of theory in a non dogmatic way."

- Alicia (Australia)

"I have some students that just after a few sessions of Soulful Yin Yoga are able to unblock deep emotional obstacles and also initiate an awareness of their spiritual path and to be honest so did I whilst in the training with Annie. It is impossible not to feel something so transformative during her training and she is aware of this and very much prepared to accompany the journey of the student/yogi and teacher to be."

- Giorgiana (Dubai)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the yin yoga training and so did my friend Rasha who did it with me. We learned so much about fascia and meridians which was new to us. I did recommend this to my friend and will keep recommending it to others. It’s super valuable for experienced and non yoga teachers." 

- Farah (Kuwait)

“I really enjoyed being able to participate in a world class training from the comfort of my own home. Annie is professional and a clear teacher, capable of transmitting deep philosophies with a light heartedness. Her broad knowledge and openness to a variety of traditions really made this training exceptional for me. I would recommend this training to anyone hoping to further their yoga education.” 

Katie (France)

"I can’t recommend enough Annie's teacher training to yin teachers. As a big fan of yin classes, I can see the difference between a regular class and one marked by the teachings of Annie. It has allowed me to teach rich classes on the physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual levels. It has empowered me to be a good transmitter of the yin magic."

- Claire (France)

Let's heal the world with yin yoga.

One soul at a time.