Supporting Your Emotional Healing Journey Through Yin Yoga.

Whether you're new to yin yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find the free resources below provide great knowledge and tools in how yin yoga can help with emotional healing through a trauma-informed lens.

Trauma Informed Yin Yoga

Free Guide

A 23-page guide that explains the autonomic nervous system and how to apply trauma informed knowledge in yin yoga! Somatic & yin exercises included.

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Trauma Informed Yin Yoga Free Guide by Annie Au

Soulful Yin Yoga

Free 3-Day Starter Course

Experience the transformative power of Yin Yoga with our 3-day free Soulful Yin Yoga online starter course, featuring exclusive video lectures that will guide you on a journey of trauma and emotional healing. Bonus practice inside!

Annie Au Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Accredited

21 Day Yin Yoga To Connect Within

Workshops are a great way to explore different topics without the heavy commitment of a full training. Our workshops are suitable for existing yin teachers who would like to top up their knowledge or curious yin practitioner for self-knowledge. Explore our various workshops all about the emotional benefits of yin yoga and Chinese meridians.

Emotional Healing Through Yin Yoga Ebook

A 34-page ebook that shows you how yin yoga & Chinese meridians can support your emotional healing & self-love journey. Customized sequences included!