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Whether you're an existing yin yoga teacher or practitioner, our workshops and trainings will provide you the knowledge and practices to nurture your soul.

Bali May 2023

100hr Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training

How does the sound of practicing yin yoga, yoga nidra & meditation with the backdrop of singing birds and ocean waves in Bali? We're so excited for our 100hr in-person Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training in May 2023 in Bali. Click on the button below to read the details of the training.


70Hr Soulful Yin Yoga Online

Teacher Training

Ready to take a deep dive & become a fully certified Soulful Yin Yoga teacher? Join our 6-week certification program designed to help you deepen your emotional connections through yin yoga & Chinese meridians. You'll have access to our proven sequencing formula & advanced tools where you'll learn how to curate emotionally healing & nurturing yin yoga classes.



Workshops are a great way to explore different topics without the heavy commitment of a full training. Our workshops are suitable for existing yin teachers who would like to top up their knowledge or curious yin practitioner for self-knowledge. Explore our various workshops all about the emotional benefits of yin yoga and Chinese meridians.