Soulful Yin Yoga Starter Course

Experience the transformative power of Yin Yoga with our 3-day free Soulful Yin Yoga online starter course, featuring exclusive video lectures that will guide you on a journey of trauma and emotional healing. Bonus practice inside!

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What You'll Learn:

Day 1- Unlock The Healing Power of Yin Yoga

Learn how to practice yin yoga, the top benefits of yin yoga for physical and emotional wellbeing, and how this seemingly simple practice can have profound impact on our healing journeys.

Day 2- Regulate Your Emotions With Yin Yoga

You'll learn how the nervous system works, the role of yin yoga in regulating our emotions, and the most common misconceptions about our nervous system.

Day 3- Yin Yoga For Emotional Healing

Discover the top benefits of yin yoga for emotional health. Understand the power you possess as yin yoga teachers, your role is to facilitate a transformative journey where we begin collective healing starting with helping one student at a time.

Bonus Practice included!

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