Learn from our comprehensive step by step process that teaches you how to create yin yoga sequences for emotional healing & growth purposes.


Teaching yin yoga is more than playing soft music and putting people into poses.

...If only it was that simple!

The world is more stressful than ever, luckily yin yoga provides a safe space for many to let go of the heaviness of life & reclaim their inner peace. That is why the ability to create yin yoga classes that support emotional healing & growth is in its highest demand.

But here's a catch: Not all yin yoga teacher trainings are created equally.

In fact, a quick research online and you'll realize- while there are many great yin yoga teacher trainings available, most of them...

  • Focus heavily in anatomy without connecting to how we process emotions
  • Do not teach yin sequencing that provides emotional support such as reducing anxiety, depression, overwhelm & frustration
  • Do not breakdown complicated concepts into relatable terms especially in meridian theory and anatomy, leaving teachers still confused after graduation

Maybe you have taken many yin yoga teacher trainings...

But instead of creating emotionally impactful classes, you...

  • Feel uninspired & lost in sequencing
  • Have no clue how to customize classes for client's emotional needs
  • Just know there's more to yin and emotions but have no clue where to find the info

And you crave teachings that'll show you how to...

  • Connect with your emotions through yin and teach others also
  • Let go of stuck feelings through Chinese meridians acupressure points, yin yoga & related practices
  • Overall deepen your sense of self-worth, raise your vibrations & live off the mat radiantly

It's time to stop guessing and learn the science + ancient wisdom of yin yoga & Chinese meridians for emotional healing & mental growth.

When you join Soulful Yin Yoga teacher program, you'll get the proven roadmap to create sequences that support specific emotional needs.



Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training provides the proven step-by-step guide that teaches people how to connect with their emotions through yin yoga & Chinese meridians.

Every lesson is curated with the intention of deepening your understand of yourself, unraveling past energetic blockages and elevating you to a place of empowerment & self-love.

Check Out The Curriculum

Inside Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you'll gain access to the curriculum listed below. We are Yoga Alliance US accredited, this means upon graduation, you'll have the results you enrolled for PLUS the credit to teach professionally.

Phase 1

Yin Foundation

Foundation is everything. Phase 1 covers your bases in Chinese meridians, anatomy & the exercise theory of yin yoga. This phase of your journey is all about building a solid knowledge base so that you can take huge leaps & bounds in the next three phases. In order to understand how the mind and body are connected, you must understand the actual physical & energetic mechanics of the human body. Phase 1 will give you a clear understanding of how to practice yin yoga correctly, the human skeletal system, meridian theory fundamentals, postural breakdowns & more!


  • Soulful Yin Yoga Masterclass - Full Practice
  • The origin of Taoism
  • What is Yin Yang Theory & the Three Treasures
  • Qi Anatomy & Movement Pathways
  • Skeletal System & Testings
  • The Physical & Energetic Practice of Yin Yoga
  • Asana demonstration & analysis

Phase 2

Emotional Connections

Having built a solid foundation in human physical & energetic anatomy, it's time to take a soulful deep dive into the emotional aspects of meridian pathways. In Phase 2, you'll discover how our fascia links to our nervous system affecting our emotions, in-depth learning of the twelve regular meridians & their emotional imbalances with how we can restore balance with specific yin yoga poses & related practices.


  • Soulful Yin Yoga Masterclass - Full Practice
  • Emotional characteristics of the 12 regular meridians
  • Find out your element personality type
  • Connecting yin yoga poses with the meridian pathways for specific emotional symptoms
  • How our fascia reveals hidden emotional suppressions & expressions
  • Cross referencing chakras and meridian theory
  • Asana demonstration & analysis

Phase 3

Soulful Yin Sequencing

Phase 3 is a transformative process where you'll implement knowledge from Phase 1 & 2 AND learn additional powerful tools to get you create sequences that is physically relaxing, emotionally healing & spiritually enlightening. So many yin teachers get bored with sequencing or simply don't know how. In this phase, we share with you our proven Soulful Yin Yoga Method where you learn to become an intuitive & empathetic Yin leader.


  • Soulful Yin Yoga Masterclass - Full Practice
  • Yin yoga poses by energies
  • The Art of Soulful Storytelling - With our 100 stories & poems collection
  • Understanding emotions in brain science
  • The ultimate Soulful Yin Yoga Sequencing Formula

Phase 4

Supercharge with Advanced Tools

Here's the thing. We got more tools for you to elevate your teaching. What will truly set you apart from all the other yin teachers is inside Phase 4. In this part, we share with you the advanced tools for sequencing such as dynamic transitions, 8 Principles of TCM Diagnosis, Brainwaves & Soulful Yoga Nidra, and Meridians Archetypes. Upon completion of the last phase, you are more than ready to create emotionally healing & uplifting classes!


  • Soulful Yin Yoga Masterclass - Full Practice
  • Soulful Yoga Nidra - Full Practice
  • Brainwaves & Soulful Yoga Nidra - Create your own script
  • Meridians Archetypes & Templates
  • Dynamic Transitions For Yin Yang Effect
  • 8 Principles of TCM Diagnosis

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Graduate Yoga Alliance Certified 🎓

Our yoga teacher training is accredited by Yoga Alliance US. Upon successful completion of all the lessons in our core curriculum, you'll receive a digital Continuing Education certification (70 CE credits) verifying your completion.

Once graduated, you're certified to lead yin yoga classes globally!

Graduate Experiences

Emma Gourlie

1. How did joining Soulful Yin Yoga positively impact your practice and teaching?

Annie is an amazing teacher and story teller, this program really helped me learn how to weave a message throughout my Yin class, connect the dots and sequence in a way that feels meaningful. I will be referencing back to the content a lot to help the information imprint in my own body, mind and spirit.

2. What specific highlights, benefits or knowledge you have gained most as a yin yoga teacher or practitioner?

Learning how to properly cue and the variations to the Yin Asana has been really helpful. Knowing how to guide people in a way that isn't pushing too hard or being too passive has been helpful as well. I loved the integration of Qi Gong, dynamic transitions and Yoga Nidra.

3. Were there any parts of the course you weren't expecting that pleasantly surprised you?

How in depth the information on meridians, Dan Tians, elements and meridians. There is a lot of content!

4. What would you tell someone who is considering investing in joining Soulful Yin Yoga Method?

This is a great self paced program with a teacher who knows how to keep students engaged. You will learn so much about emotions, how they are moved through the meridians and how to sequence a class so it really connects with a theme. Annie is amazing and I look forward to learning from her and referring back to this training for a long time.

Graduate Experiences

Virginie Morel

1. What was the challenge you were experiencing or specific intention that made you want to join Soulful Yin Yoga Method?

I wanted to add Yin yoga to the practices I teach in order to help people relax (so needed at the moment). I also wanted to complement my Hatha and kundalini yoga which are more yang.

2. How did joining Soulful Yin Yoga positively impact your practice and teaching?

I now have powerful tools with Yin yoga to help myself and my students relax. I also have more knowledge of the meridians and emotions.

3. Were there any parts of the course you weren't expecting that pleasantly surprised you?

I finished the whole course and felt motivated by Annie the whole time. She was always present if I had a question.

4. What would you tell someone who is considering investing in joining Soulful Yin Yoga Method?

Go for it!


1. How long does it take to complete the entire program?

Normally it takes about 6 weeks to complete the core curriculum. To help you pace yourself in the program, I have created two timetables for you to follow: part-time (8 week) and full-time (6 week). This is just a reference, as you'll have lifetime access to the course, you may finish faster than 6 weeks or take as long as you need.

2. Isn’t live zoom or in-person training better than online style?

With the world slowly opening up to traveling again, we will slowly implement more in-person trainings. Even so, we recognize that not many people have the luxury to take time off work and family obligations for live trainings, we will continue to offer our online programs to serve everyone.

As for Zoom, we're not a fan of sitting in front of the laptop for 7 hours straight. Rather, we prefer you to have lifetime access to our high quality video lessons and the freedom to ask questions & receive feedback from Annie within the online platform.

3. I’ve joined other on demand programs before and never finished, what then?

We do require you to have the passion to learn and commit to self-studying prior to joining. We will be here to support your journey in every way we can, but in the end, you'll need to put in the effort to achieve your goals. To make sure this program is for you, you can always schedule a call here with Annie and chat over your next best step in your yin yoga journey.

4. What if I really don’t find the course a right fit, do you have a refund policy?

Since there are downloadable materials, there is a no refund policy. Please read our terms & conditions carefully before purchasing.

5. Will I receive a Yoga Alliance accredited certificate?

Absolutely. We are accredited by Yoga Alliance US. Upon completion of the program, you'll receive a 70hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certification.

6. Will I get all of the materials once enrolled?

For full payment registrant, you'll receive all of the materials inside the core program and bonus section. For installment registrant, you'll have access to the first module and the rest will be dripped to your account every month.

This is a life changing course!

"I have some students that just after a few sessions of Soulful Yin Yoga are able to unblock deep emotional obstacles and also initiate an awareness of their spiritual path and to be honest so did I whilst in the training with Annie. It is impossible not to feel something so transformative during her training and she is aware of this and very much prepared to accompany the journey of the student/yogi and teacher to be."

- Giorgiana (Dubai)

"I can’t recommend enough Annie's teacher training to yin teachers. As a big fan of yin classes, I can see the difference between a regular class and one marked by the teachings of Annie. It has allowed me to teach rich classes on the physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual levels. It has empowered me to be a good transmitter of the yin magic."

- Claire (France)

"Annie’s soulful yin training integrates many aspects to provide you with all the necessary tools to start teaching classes that not only include intelligent sequencing, but also connect with your students on a deeper emotional level. The training has been fundamental to my teaching approach, and I have applied the key learnings not only to my yin classes but also across my vinyasa and prenatal offerings."

- Katey (South Africa)

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Our Graduate Reviews

"First, I've never seen a teacher like Annie. While practicing with her, I feel like I'm really connecting to my emotions and my soul. Each class is an opportunity to learn about yourself. You learn a lot more about the meridians, the emotions and energies. Annie pushes you to sequence your class to go much deeper than just the physical level. By showing us that every word, every movement, every song we chose is powerful, she allows us to find meaning in our practice. I hope that from now on, I'll be able to help my students connect with their emotions with yin yoga. Thanks Annie, I can not recommand your training enough. "

- Vanessa (France)

"I really enjoyed being able to participate in a world class training from the comfort of my own home. Annie is professional and a clear teacher, capable of transmitting deep philosophies with a light heartedness. Her broad knowledge and openness to a variety of traditions really made this training exceptional for me. I would recommend this training to anyone hoping to further their yoga education."

- Katie (France)

"I was impressed my the quantity of knowledge and heart she puts into that teacher training. This journey has been transformative for me and I now know for sure Yin is what I needed in my life. Annie has a soft, kind approach of sharing her knowledge yet we can see and feel the strong structure of her teacher training.  I recommend it without any doubt!"

- Armonie (Netherlands)

"A big compliment to Annie for this training she has created with her ability to break down complex content to the most relevant parts and structuring the whole training in a way that kept me alert, interested and able to gain the most of it."

- Nina (Switzerland)

"Annie has an incredible gift to be able to convey deeply layered concepts, theories and ideologies in a relaxed conversational way. Despite being online the training was delivered in a nourishing environment and covered a range of theory in a non dogmatic way."

- Alicia (Australia)

"The Soulful Yin Yoga Teacher Training is one of the best teacher trainings I have done. Annie is so insightful and her analogies and metaphors make for fun and interesting learning. The course is structured in a really beautiful way that makes sense and you can tell Annie has put her heart and soul into the content. I can not recommend this course highly enough. I'm so grateful to Annie for her wisdom and generosity. "

- Gemma (UK)