Are you interested in learning about the emotional side of yin yoga & meridians? If yes, join this FREE 3 day starter course and learn practical tools you can apply to your practice and teaching right away 👇🏽

  • Day 1: What are meridians & how to apply it in yin yoga? How to stimulate Qi through a method called Meridians Tapping
  • Day 2: Find out what are the 5 negative emotions and which top 5 yin yoga poses you can do to harmonize them
  • Day 3: Top 10 acupressure points to release physical and emotional pain



Certifying yoga teachers since 2013, Annie is an expert in the emotional side of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. She calls for a heart to heart approach in her yin yoga classes through storytelling and genuine self-reflections.

What you'll learn:

Each lesson comes with video lecture & downloadable manual

Day One

Find out what meridians are and how do they apply in yin yoga. Discover a Qi balancing technique called meridians tapping and how you can integrate it into your practice

Day Two

Learn the 5 negative emotions in Chinese meridians theory and which top 5 yin yoga poses you can do to harmonize these emotions

Day Three

Self-care can be easy. Learn the top 10 acupressure points you can apply on yourself for emotional balancing


"The Soulful yin TT is one of the best teacher trainings I have done. Annie is so insightful and her analogies and metaphors make for fun and interesting learning."

- Gemma (UK)

"I went from a Yang only person to knowing how to find the balance between Yin & Yang, and knowing when to call myself out when I'm losing the balance. The program was well organized and insightful, it's so well designed that I felt connected despite the fact that the training was held online."

- Vicky (Hong Kong)

"I’m not exaggerating when I say how transformative and life changing this journey has been. I am definitely now much more confident and  passionate to teach yoga (which wasn’t the case for me before), and to integrate into my professional practice."

- Rasha (Kuwait)

"I highly recommend Annie’s Soulful Yin Yoga ODP! I personally enjoyed every chapter of it! Not only is this teacher training complete but it is also very well-structured and inspiring! You end it different, full of new knowledge and compassion for yourself and others. Annie is authentic and she follows you throughout this Soulful journey, which is enjoyable (she ALWAYS answers your questions and message you to check how you're doing). This certification is definitely a lifetime gift you have to offer you!"

— Mariam (France)


"Annie's Soulful Yin Yoga Programs are so well put together and thought out -- it is clear that as a teacher, she has taken time in her seat to devote herself to this practice. I truly enjoyed the format with video lectures, manuals and a yin yoga practice for a well rounded course. The platform was very user friendly and Annie was so helpful to answer my questions in getting me started. Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to more of your offerings! "

- Marilyn (USA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. Annie is a wealth of knowledge and I love all of her storytelling and humor and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course. This is my 10th+ teacher training and honestly it's been incredible. I hope to keep training with Annie and appreciate her guidance. "

- Tara (Australia)

"It was amazing to study with students from all over the world. Annie has a way of making "complicated" subjects easy to understand. I was very impressed with the manuals, videos, and the personal touch in Annie's training, even with the training being online! 

-Shyloh (USA)

Annie made learning fun, her personality made it easy to listen attentively and learn deeply. The content was very clear and well planned. As someone who has an Ashtanga training my ideas of my practise can be very strict and rejamented, Annie helped to open my mind and become curious about other ideas and possibilities. Not only did this course completely change and expand my practise and teaching method but it has helped me grow as a person and that to me is the greatest gift.

— Lucy-Marie (Germany)